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Fire alarm solution for condominiums in Vietnam

Withover 60 years ofexperience in the fire alarm industry,N-6000, newproducts launched by Notifier is an ideal solution forthe Asia Pacific market.

N-6000 is an intelligent fire alarm system with combination between US core technology andfunctions appropriate for each territory, can meet the needs of customers inAsia. Intelligent Fire Alarm System N-6000 is flexible and capable of expandingto meet requirements of any construction type. N-6000 is an advanced treatment system, including independent and reliable components. It is an ideal solution and can satisfy customer's requirements.

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-         AsianStandards
Respondcustomer requirements
Network structure

N-Net Networkstructure
Intelligent firealarm network N-Net connects N-6000 fire alarm control panels into a system.Each fire cabinet on N-net store separate programs and act as one individual inone unified network.
Peer communication
Operateas NFPA style 4
N-NCScontrol station could be installed anywhere on the N-NET network
Usesmall size twisted wires for the date transfer

N-NCS networkcontrol station

N-NCS use high quality desktop with the color graphics and text display ability for the whole event and work point on the network. By connecting via NIC-EC network card,N-NCS can be distributed anywhere on N-NET for quick access and control system status, event location, and other control functions such as: Acknowledge,Silence & Reset.

        - Operate on the spot or via wide area network (WAN)

        - Run in the friendly windows environment

        - Control mouse friendly with “point andclick” mode of Window

        - Alarm display screen with or withoutthe operator intervention

        - Data memo box display all abnormalstatus together with graphic display

- Grant access by function, by node or byuser matrix

- Print event in real-time

    - According to requirements of Asia Pacific Countries

            - Perennial Internationa Brand

            - Advanced Techniques, Flexible equipment coordination

            - Designed by module

            - Expandable and canupgrade

            - N-NET networked

      - Large LCD display 1060characters, Large QWERTY Keyboard

      - Intuitive Options, multiple languages supports

      - N-NCS Compatible, flexible programming options

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