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Aerosol Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Thương hiệu: Eversafe
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The EVERSAFE" Aerosol Dry Powder Extinguisher is a disposable extinguisher designed with high quality valve and premium grade dry powder. The container is designed and manufactured to FEA Standards using recyclable aluminium. The medium for the extinguisher is dry powder type and is suitable for class A, B, C, & electrical fire, such as wood, fabrics, paper, oil lamp, cooking gas, boiling oils etc. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor use.


·        + Simple Operation

·        + Disposable

·        + Light Weight

·        + Environment Friendly

·        + Zero Ozone Depletion

·        + ldeal for Home

·        + Car, Boat, Caravan and Workshop

·        + Leak Tested with High Sensitivity Mass

·        + Spectrometry Method

    + Recyclable Aluminium Container
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