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Alarm Check Valve

Thương hiệu: Tyco
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: AV-1-300

Model AV-1-300 Alarm Check Valve, 300 psi (20,7 bar) 2-1/2, 4, 6, & 8 Inch (DN65, DN100, DN150 & DN200) Vertical or Horizontal

The TYCO Model AV-1-300 Alarm Check Valves are divided seat ring, rubber-faced clapper, waterflow alarm check valves that are intended for use in wet pipe (automatic sprinkler) fire protection systems. They may be installed vertically or horizontally*, and they are designed to automati­cally actuate electric and/or hydraulic alarms when there is a steady flow of water into the system that is equivalent to the discharge rate of one or more sprinklers.

A separately ordered Model RC-1 Retard Chamber (TFP920) is required for installations subject to variable pressures. It is used to help prevent false alarms associated with pressure variations in public water supplies.

The AV-1-300 Alarm Check Valve Trim includes pressure gauges to monitor system pressure conditions, a by-pass check valve, a main drain valve, and an alarm test valve. The bypass check valve reduces the possibility of false alarms by permitting slow as well as small transient increases in water supply pressure to be passed through to the system without opening the waterway clapper.

 Nominal Valve Size

Groove x Groove

Flange x Groove

Flange x Flange

2-1/2 Inch (DN65)

22 lbs. (10,0 Kg)

28 lbs. (12,7 Kg)


4 Inch (DN100)

38 lbs. (17,2 Kg)

47 lbs. (21,3 Kg)

57 lbs. (25,9 Kg)

6 Inch (DN150

58 lbs. (26,3 Kg)

70 lbs. (31,8 Kg)

84 lbs. (38,1 Kg)

8 Inch (DN200)

102 lbs. (46,3 Kg)

120 lbs. (54,4 Kg)

149 lbs. (67,6 Kg)


UL and C-UL Listed,FM Approved

WorkingWater Pressure Range

20 to 300 psi (1,4 to 20,7 bar)


The body is ductile iron, the hand-hole cover is ductile iron, andthe seat ring is bronze. The clapper for the 2-1/2 inch (DN65) valve size isstainless steel. The clapper for the larger valve sizes is ductile iron. Allvalve sizes utilize an EPDM clapper facing.

Flanged connections are available drilled per ANSI, ISO, AS, andJIS specifications .

Threaded port connections for the AV-1-300 Valves are availableNPT threaded or threaded per ISO 7/1 as detailed in the Ordering Proceduresection. 

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