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Đầu phun âm tường K 5.6

Thương hiệu: Tyco
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Mã SP: TY3531/TY3551

 Series RFII — 5.6 K-factor

“Royal Flush II” Concealed Pendent Sprinklers

Quick & Standard Response, Standard Coverage 

The Tyco® Series RFII Quick Response (3-mm bulb) and Standard Response (5-mm bulb), 5.6 K-Factor, “Royal Flush II” Concealed Pendent Sprin­klers are decorative sprinklers featur­ing a flat cover plate designed to con­ceal the sprinkler. These sprinklers are optimal for architecturally sensitive ar­eas such as hotel lobbies, office build­ings, churches, and restaurants.

Each sprinkler includes a Cover Plate/ Retainer Assembly and a Sprinkler/ Support Cup Assembly. The separa­ble, two-piece assembly design pro­vides the following benefits:

• Allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire pro­tection system prior to installation of a suspended ceiling or applica­tion of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling.

• Permits the removal of suspended ceiling panels for access to building service equipment without having to first shut down the fire protection system and remove sprinklers.

• Provides for 1/2 inch (12,7 mm) of vertical adjustment to allow a mea­sure of flexibility in determining the length of fixed piping to cut for the sprinkler drops. 

The Series RFII Sprinklers are shipped with a Disposable Protective Cap. The Protective Cap is temporarily removed during installation and replaced to help protect the sprinkler during ceiling in­stallation or finish. The tip of the Pro­tective Cap can be used to mark the center of the ceiling hole into plaster board or ceiling tiles by gently push­ing the ceiling product against the Pro­tective Cap. When ceiling installation is complete, the Protective Cap is re­moved and the Cover Plate/Retainer Assembly is installed.

As an option, the Series RFII Standard Response (5-mm bulb) “Royal Flush II” Concealed Pendent Sprinklers can be fitted with a silicone Air and Dust Seal. (Refer to Figure 5.) The Air and Dust Seal is intended for sensitive areas where it is desirable to prevent air and dust from the area above the ceiling to pass through the cover plate. 

Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN)

TY3531 — 3 mm bulb

TY3551 — 5 mm bulb

Approvals apply only to the service conditions indicated in theDesign Cri­teria section.

• TY3531 (3-mm Bulb) is UL Listed, C-UL Listed, LPCB Approved(Ref. No. 094a/10), VdS Approved (Cer­tificate No. G 4090007), and NYC Approved(MEA 353-01-E) as Quick Response.

• TY3531 (3-mm Bulb) is FM Ap­proved as Standard Response.

Factory Mutual does not approve any concealed sprinklers for quickresponse.

• TY3551 (5-mm Bulb) is UL Listed, C-UL Listed, FM Approved, LPCBApproved (Ref. No. 094a/9), and NYC Approved (MEA 353-01-E) as StandardResponse.

Approvalsfor Air and Dust Seal

UL and C-UL Listed for use with the RFII Standard ResponseConcealed Sprinkler (TY3551).

MaximumWorking Pressure

Maximum 250 psi (17,3 bar) by UL, C-UL, and NYC

Maximum 175 psi (12,1 bar) by FM, VdS, and LPCB


155°F/68°C Sprinkler with 139°F/59°C Plate

200°F/93°C Sprinkler with 165°F/74°C Plate

DischargeCoefficient K= 5.6 GPM/psi1/2 (80,6 LPM/bar1/2)

Adjustment 1/2 inch(12,7 mm)

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