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Intelligent Addressable Remote Indicator

Thương hiệu: Cooper
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The intelligent addressable loop connected remote indicator (MRIAD) is designed to provide discreet remote indication, which is controlled by the intelligent addressable control panel, whilst providing the ability to monitor multiple sensors within an area thereby minimising wiring requirements.

The (MRIAD) is compatible with the Cooper range of intelligent addressable fire systems. The device is connected directly on to the loop, and is "soft addressed" by the panel on system start up and is fitted with integral short circuit isolators.

When using "site installer" the intelligent addressable loop connected remote indicator should be programmed as an address output (sounder) and can be programmed using the comprehensive cause and effect tables to operate continuous, pulsing, by global, panel, zone, address or on double knock input etc. The device is supplied complete with back box and is surface mounted.


  • Loop connected
  • Soft addressed
  • Integral short circuit isolator
  • Single address
  • High visibility LED
  • Can be programmed to monitor multiple remote sensors
  • Fits on to a standard single gang back box
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Quick and simple to install
  • Wide viewing angle for increased visibility
  • Discreet design for incorporation in to any decor
  • Can be remote mounted
  • Can be activated by cause and effect programming
  • Reduced cost
  • Minimises cabling
  • Easy to maintain/service
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