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IQ8Control M Fire Alarm Panel

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Mã SP: IQ8Control M Fire Alarm Panel

The fire alarm computer for  medium-sized to large premises: flexible,multifunctionaland future-proof. The modular IQ8Control M fire alarm panel uses proventechnology and fulfils the highest security requirements for the comprehensiveprotection of premises. Thus, it is just as suitable for use in medium-sizedpremises with complex security requirements as it is for premises, which arespread over a wide area and are networked. 

The IQ8Control M is ideally suited to medium-sizedpremises with complex security requirements and for premises that cover a widearea and/or are networked. The IQ8Control M is completely compatible with thefire alarm system 8000 control panels. The modular design allows flexible and user-friendlyintegration of several individual modules, which together form one unit. Thesystem extension with one or more additional modules can be adapted to advancedrequirements very easily. This not only simplifies individual planning today,but also, as a result of the FAP's extendibility options, ensures future-proofsolutions. If necessary, the control panel software can simply be replaced byan upgrade version via a PC

•Latest processor technology

•Permissible wire length for esserbus® up to 3,500 m

•Graphically supported powerful programming tool

•Innovative alarm signalling through the new alarm generationIQ8Quad

•Supports IQ8Wireless RF technology

•Modular device structure

•Networking of up to 31 panels via essernet® (500k Baud)

•Up to 7 esserbus® loops

•EN-54 approval for up to 512 alarms

•Micro-modules compatible with System 8000 as well asIQ8Control

Mains voltage                                 :230VAC

Mains frequency                             :50to 60 Hz

Rated voltage                                 :12VDC

Quiescent current                           :300mA w/o operating unit

Rated current                                 :0.7 A

Emergency per supply                     :12V/max. 2 x 24 Ah

Ambient temperature                      :-5°C to +45 °C

Storage temperature                       :-10°C to +50 °C

Room climate                                 :Class3K5 as per IEC 721-3-3: 1994

Class of protection                          :Ias per DIN EN 60950-1

Type of protection                           :IP30

Housing                                          :ABS,10 % glass fibre reinforced, V-0

Colour                                            :grey,similar to Pantone 538

Weight (w/o battery)                       :11.5kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)                   :450x 640 x 185 mm

Approval                                        :VdSapproval G 299044

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Hotline hỗ trợ: +84(24) 3793 1355/3783 4392
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