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Manual call point break glass BG range

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Mã SP: BG range

BG manual call point for hazardous areas and harsh industrial / marine environments

These manual alarm Call Points have been designed for use in hazardous locations and harsh environmental conditions. The Glass Reinforced Polyesterenclosures are suitable for use both onshore and offshore, where light weightcombined with a high level of corrosion resistance is required.

The break glass is covered by a membrane which protects the operator from glass fragments meaning that no hammer is required to activate the unit.

A plastic 'break glass' or deformable operating element is available to replace the break glass. Once the flexible element is pressed it will bend but will not break. The unit is reset by repositioning the element

  • Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure – light, strong and not subject to corrosion.
  • 4 basic versions available
    • (1) Explosion protected Exe (ATEX,Chinese [CQST], Brazilian [Inmetro])
    • (2) Explosion protected Exi (ATEX, IECEx,GOST ‘R’, Chinese (CQST), Brazilian [Inmetro] or CSA),
    • (3) Weatherproof & Dust-tight/UL ordinary locations.
    • (4) Explosion protected:

                     Class I, Div. 2,

                     Groups A-D

                     Class II, Div. 2,

                     Class I, Zone 2

  • In line and end of line resistors and/or zener diodes can be fitted.
  • Variety of colours available.
  • Up to 9 terminals available.
  • Lift flap available for extra protection against inadvertent operation.
  • Optional LED – this indicates that the unit has been operated – useful for testing purposes.
  • Earth continuity option for metal glands.
  • 1 or 2 changeover switches.
  • Captive cover screws.
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Hotline hỗ trợ: +84(24) 3793 1355/3783 4392
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