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Precision Foam Test Kit

Thương hiệu: Chemguard
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Mã SP: EF10995

The ChemguardPrecision Foam Solution Test Kit is a complete testing system, designed toassist the fire protection professional in determining the proportioningaccuracy of mobile foam equipment and apparatus, fixed foam systems, andportable foam equipment. This kit contains everything normally needed, exceptfor the foam to determine if foam solution discharged from a system orapparatus is mixed or proportioned as recommended by the foam concentratemanufacturer. The test kit utilizes conductivity, a measurement of the abilityof liquids to conduct electricity, to determine the amount of foam concentratein foam solutions.

Conductivity is the method adopted by most foam concentratemanufacturers and many foam equipment listing and approval agencies todetermine the accuracy of foam proportioning equipment. Although not as costlyas some digital conductivity meters alone, this kit is adequate to determineproportioning accuracy for most fire service applications. The ChemguardPrecision Foam Test Kit takes all the guesswork out of the foam system testingwith accuracy only achievable with a digital conductivity meter and a digitalscale.

Single custom fitted carrying case,including:


One (1) 250 gram capacity digital scale
One (1) digital conductivity meter
Eight (8) 125 ml sample beakers
One (1) 100 ml graduated cylinder
One (1) 250 ml wash bottle
Two (2) 500 ml sample bottles with caps
Two (2) 250 ml sample bottles with caps
Four (4) 125 ml sample bottles with caps
Two (2) 10 ml syringes
Two (2) 16-inch long sample pipettes
Six (6) 5-inch long sample pipettes
One (1) pad of 25 conductivity charts
One (1) Flexible straight edge rule
One (1) 100 gram calibration weight
One (1) calibration screwdriver
One (1) conductivity calibration solution
One (1) operation and instruction manual


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8 lbs.(3.64 kg)


Precision Foam Solution Instructions


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