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Solenoid Valve

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The high pressure solenoid valve is a two-way typewith one inlet and one outlet. It is a packless, internal pilot operated valve,suitable for use in releasing water pressure from the priming chamber of VikingModel E and F Series Deluge Valves and Viking Model H and J Series Flow ControlValves. The solenoid valve has floating diaphragm construction, which requiresa minimum pressure drop across the valve to operate properly. The valves areavailable with a voltage rating of 24V DC in a normally closed or normally openconfi guration. These solenoid valves are for use with system control unitsthat are listed and/or approved for releasing service for water based fi reprotection systems.


+ Normally Closed or Normally Open

+ 24 VDC

+ Easy to clean.

+ Body Style: Straight through

+ NEMA 1 through 9.

+ Required Accessories: A 50 mesh strainer must beinstalled on the inlet side of the valve at the priming line connection. This straineris included as part of the Model E or F Deluge Valve Trim and Model H or J FlowControl Valve Trim.


Body: Brass with ½” (15 mm) NPT connections

Coil: Class H, Continuous Duty

Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psi (17.2 bar)

Minimum Operating Pressure: 5 psi (.35 bar)

Material Standards

Seals and Discs: Buna N

Core Tube: 305 Stainless Steel

Core and Plugnut: 430F Stainless Steel

Springs: 302 Stainless Steel

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