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Foam Concentrates

Class A Foam Concentrates
  • Class A Foam Concentrates

Class A Foam Concentrates

  • Product’s code: FC/CA/FX/CW
  • Brand: Chemguard
  • Guarantee: 1 Year
  • Status: 1
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  • Chemguard manufactures a wide range of Class A foam concentrates for use in a variety of firefighting applications. When proportioned with water, Chemguard Class A foam concentrates change the water properties, reducing the surface tension and allowing greater penetration into all Class A fuels. A mixture of foaming and wetting agents, our Class A foam concentrates also give water a superior foaming ability so it clings to surfaces with minimal run off, which speeds extinguishment and reduces water usage. In addition to wildland operations, Chemguard Class A foam is effective in fighting many deep-seated fires, such as paper, tires, and wooden structures.

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    Municipal Application, USDA Approved, Ground & Air Attack, NFPA 18 Wetting Agent

    Class-A Plus


    Municipal Application



    Municipal Application, C.A.F.S. 



    Extends Water Supply 

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