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AIR-Intelligence HSSD Systems

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AIR-Intelligencedetectors continuously adapt their sensitivity to the environment in which theyare installed, providing alarm thresholds which are 'relative' to thebackground particle levels in the protected area, instead of placing the alarmthreshold at a fixed level relative to ambient conditions. 
At any time, the detector's performance remainsconstant, regardless of fluctuations in the normal background particle level.AIR-Intelligence detectors only respond to particle levels significantly abovethe expected background level, such as from a genuine fire situation.


• High-sensitivityprovided by laser- based forward light scatter mass  detection andparticle evaluation for reliable early warning detection.
• Four programmable alarm thresholds (Aux, Pre-Alarm, Fire 1 and Fire 2).
• ClassiFire™ Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system.
• Dual Technology LDD 3D3 Laser Dust Discrimination and Elimination system.

Particle Sensitivity Range: 0.003to 10 micron.


The Industry'sWidest Sensitivity Range: 0.00046 to 7.62% obs/ft.


RS-485built-in as standard for networking and remote communications.Up to 127 detectors per loop with 4,000 ft.between devices.


RS-232built-in for direct PC interface without the expense of highlevel interface equipment.


Poweredby 24-Volt DC regulated supply, low current draw.

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