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Deluge Valve - Diaphragm Style

Thương hiệu: Tyco
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: DV-5
Model DV-5 Deluge Valve, Diaphragm Style, 1-1/2 thru 8 Inch (DN40 thru DN200), 250 psi (17,2 bar). Vertical or Horizontal Installation.

The 1-1/2 thru 8 inch (DN40 thru DN200), Model DV-5 Deluge Valves arediaphragm type valves designed for vertical or horizontal installation and forfire protection system service. They are used as “automatic water controlvalves” in deluge, preaction, and special types of fire protection systems suchas foam-water and double interlock systems. When properly trimmed, the DV-5Valves are also able to provide actuation of fire alarms upon system operation.


The diaphragm style design of the DV-5 Valve allows externalresetting - providing for easy resetting of a deluge or preaction systemwithout having to open a valve handhole cover to manually reposition a clapper and/orlatch mechanism. Simply repressurizing the diaphragm chamber resets the valve.

The one-piece, diaphragm style design of the DV-5 also allowsinternal and external coating of the valve to provide corrosion resistance. Theinternal corrosion resistance offered by the Rilsan coating makes the DV-5 suitablefor most seawater and brackish water supplies when utilized in deluge systems.The external corrosion resistance of the Rilsan coating permits the use of theDV-5 in corrosive atmospheres associated with many types of industrialprocessing plants and outdoor installations.



End connections available and weights

End connection

Nominal Valve Size



1-1/2 Inch DN40)

2 Inch (DN50)

3 Inch (DN80)

4 Inch (DN100)

6 Inch (DN150)

8 Inch (DN200)



9 lbs (4,1 kg)

12 lbs (5,4 kg)







8 lbs (3,6 kg)

10 lbs (4,5 kg)

31 lbs (14,1kg)

61 lbs (27,7 kg)

99 lbs (44,9 kg)

150 lbs 68,1kg)





39 lbs. (17,7 Kg)

74 lbs (33,6 Kg)

107 lbs (48,5 Kg)

170 lbs. (77,8 Kg)





47 lbs. (21,3 Kg)

80 lbs. (36,3 Kg)

115 lbs. (52,3 Kg)

190 lbs. (87,5 Kg)


UL Listed, C-UL Listed, and FM Approved

Deluge Systems:

TFP1310 - Wet Pilot Actuation

TFP1315 - Dry Pilot Actuation

TFP1320 - Electric Actuation

Single Interlock Preaction Systems:

TFP1410 - Wet Pilot Actuation*

TFP1415 - Dry Pilot Actuation*

TFP1420 - Electric Actuation

*UL and C-UL only.

Double Interlock Preaction Systems:

TFP1460 - Electric/Pneumatic

TFP1465 - Electric/Electric

Deluge Valve:

Components for the 1-1/2 thru 8 inch (DN40 thru DN200), Model DV-5Deluge Valves are shown in Figure 1. The DV-5 Valves are for vertical orhorizontal installations, and they are rated for use at a maximum servicepressure of 250 psi (17,2 bar).

Threaded port connections of the DV-5 Valves are available NPTthreaded or threaded per ISO 7/1

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