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Repeater Panel

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To complement the FX2200CF range a repeater panel is available for connection to the 4 and 8 zone control panels.

This repeater panel (FXRP2200CF) has been specifically designed for ease of installation requiring only 2 interconnecting wires from the main panel this compared with up to 16 wires on many conventional panels represents a large cost saving both on material and labour.

Further repeater panels can be cascaded, again only using 2 wires. Standby time is not effected by the number of repeaters connected to each panel as each repeater has its own main supply and stand by battery.

The repeater is suitable for up to 8 zones and displays all the same functions as the main panel, but with the addition of a indicator test facility.


  • Facility for signalling to repeater panel provided as standard on 8 zone panel
  • Surface or semi-flush mounting
  • Displays essential information at other key locations in a large building/site
  • Displays zone fire and fault conditions


  • Repeater matches the style and appearance of the control panel
  • Requires only a single pair of wires to receive signals from control panel reducing cost of installation
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