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Water Powered High Expansion Foam Generator

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Chemguard Standard Model Water Powered (WP) High Expansion Foam Generators are designed to expand foam solution into millions of tiny stable bubbles. Expansion rates up to 940 gallons of expanded foam for every one gallon of foam solution can be achieved depending on the generator selected solution flow rate and operating pressure.

The Chemguard WP High Expansion Generators require no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines. They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor. The expansion of the foam solution is achieved by spraying the solution onto a stainless steel screen,and then an air stream created by the fan attached to the motor forces air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles. The continuous flow of the foam solution and the movement of air through the screen will generate large volumes of foam.


  • Seven different models available
  • No outside source of power required – only the foam solution under pressure
  • Standard units supply from 1,000 to 26,400 cfm
  • UL Listed® to operate at foam solution pressures as low as 40 psi
  • Stainless steel perforated screens
  • Easy installation with units capable of being mounted in horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Generator housing constructed in mild steel and painted in red polyurethane enamel paint (Custom colors available)
  • NO STRAINER REQUIRED - Foam solution piping and discharge nozzles are of open design allowing passage of particles of up to ¼” in diameter
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